Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Of Romance, Rape, and Pornography!

What Have We Done With REASON?

I did not want to comment so soon about the #SugaBelly story - but the comments of many Nigerian men have turned this into something too sour for me to remain quiet.
So I am only going to react to the majority of shocking comments, and not necessarily the actual story in question, for now.

As for me, I have no intention of being politically correct against what I know to be true and the reality. I do not...
Posted by Ahmed Mamudu on Tuesday, 1 December 2015

I have said it many many times here that NIGERIA will have to institute a subject in our secondary school curriculum called "REASON" but now I am BEGGING any of you that knows any one in the Senate or whatever!!!!!

B E G G I N G !!!!!!

Please bear with me in this rant, and open up your minds to at least understand my following arguments:

Can you remember when you go to a video shop, and they ask you whether you are looking for "action film or romance"?
Do you remember what they usually meant by "romance"?
Yes you do....... they meant pornography!

Can you remember when it started becoming a popular trend in our offices to excuse university graduates who speak poorly, insisting that "English is not his true language"?
No one thought that this could have adverse effects on a culture that had clearly adopted English as its official language!
We began to vilify people who corrected other people's poor use of grammar and scattered vocabulary.

NOW! Please stay with me here.....
I am going to show you how our battered education system can be a major factor in rape incidents happening all over the place (quietly and out in the open)

Now imagine a 25-yr old man today (let's even say, graduate of Great UNILAG) who has watched so many pornographic or....."romance" movies, but who never really got into those usual debates we all used to have frequently back in secondary school. You remember those debates? Where we corrected ourselves and mock each other for speaking with poor grammar?

Imagine this guy, growing up and socializing with several women at school and stuff, and coming to learn that most women say that they prefer men that are ROMANTIC.


By the way, some guy made this comment

"Bottom line is women must dress like humans not whores. Rape will persist as long as u keep dressing like lunatics. The body is meant to be covered. Continue in ur delusions"


This guy's thinking is thus: If a woman dresses like a whore, she deserves to be raped.

Now please hear me:

How do you think such a guy would interpret that concept in his head?
Think really deeply about this before you respond abeg!

Growing up for many of these men, the concept of PORNOGRAPHY is semantically linked with the word, "ROMANCE".
He is "privy" to the fact (perhaps unlike most of his friends - so he believes) that girls like romantic men. Shit! Such knowledge is his secret advantage over other guys who don't have a clue yet.

Make no mistake here:

It's a slippery slope: Romance - Pornography - Sex & Violence - 50 Shades Of Grey....
....all in some confused introvert's ignorant head!

You do the math!

Now, also consider that after some idiots have committed rape, they can usually have the confused religious noise makers to thank for more justification of their actions.
This is because some preachers blatantly ignore Jesus' warnings (warnings GIVEN TO MEN by the way) to NOT look at a woman with lustful eyes, but prefer instead to teach WOMEN that it is a sin to wear certain types of clothing.

And now we have an army preaching this rubbish! 

Look here!

We all need to become more reasonable.....FAST!!!!!

Find @Sugabelly's horrendous story here =

Photo of @Sugabelly from her blog

By the way, this is usually not the kind of topic we normally deal with at the Digital Africa community. But bear with me if you please, thank you.

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