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Online Marketing With The Nexpress Digital Press

Digital Marketing With The Kodak Nexpress

It goes without saying that anyone who embarks on a marketing or advertising campaign must first consider that he/she is now in the digital age, and must therefore account for the many dramatic changes in human behavior as it relates to communications.

This is the era where someone watching a very gripping show on TV and is suddenly interrupted by a commercial, instead of getting angry, automatically sees it as the perfect opportunity to inform friends on Facebook and Google+ about the exciting show he is currently watching. Chances are he or she would only be able to see the first 2 seconds of that commercial.  
This is a very common scenario in every home all over the world, and we can only imagine it would get more common. 

Digital Marketing covers many areas that can lead you to profitability in this changing world, from search advertising (or PPC) to social media campaigns, to blogging, and email marketing. But we really can't stop there: Digital printing also has a great role to play, and a lot to contribute to the most successful online marketing campaigns. 

The truth is that every ZMOT minded marketing strategist must consider every possible opportunity to find new customers and retain them. (for more on ZMOT simply search the phrase "zmot in Africa" on Google search and read my articles on it)

The level of connectivity we are seeing in this new digital age is astounding to say the least. You cannot continue to do your business, and especially the marketing of your business, the same way you have been doing since the late 90s or early 2000s. You need to start thinking of how to bring everything together to make the magic truly start happening. There is no point having all this power available to you on the internet and not using it. And chances are, your competition have started building their digital future already.

Kodak Nexpress In Lagos

The Kodak Nexpress digital press is a digital printing machine that has really changed the way I look at sales, advertising and branding. 
I honestly can't express my disappointment enough that only one of such machines is currently operational in this country. And of course, that is in Lagos.

The truth is that you can do a lot of wonders in terms of sales, or product/company branding with your website, if you engage with proper digital marketing solutions. 
But clever digital print campaigns can give you the added benefit of "lifting up" valuable targeted traffic "from the ground", and send them to your website using a Kodak Nexpress marketing solution. 

I recently wrote an article on LinkedIn about what i consider the nature of advertising waste, but I didn't mean to say that traditional advertising was now useless. 
No not at all.

But we just have to change the way we plan and execute them. I recommend that digital marketing professionals (especially SEOs or those who understand the ZMOT) be consulted before you start the process (if not throughout the process) of building a traditional ad campaign. 
These online marketers should also be consulted when doing your digital print campaigns and other printed marketing materials as well, if you ask me.

To promote anything (whatever it may be) truly effectively in this new era, you have to think about everything: tv, magazines, billboards, email, twitter, Google Search, Google+, Facebook, offers, promos, transpromo invoices, and yes, even greeting cards.
Everything has its own inherent value as a marketing channel.

I stress on the underrated value of printed marketing collateral because the proliferation of so many kinds of digital devices has left many people feeling the growing need to relax their eyes from constantly staring at LCD and LED displays and screens all the time. There is a growing trend of people now buying both e-books and hard copy of books at the same time. 

I would imagine that one reason why people would by electronic and paper copies of the same book is because the "experience" of reading the books from paper is something that many readers savor, despite the technological leap of digital books.
Not to mention that your hard copy book cannot run out of battery life.  

"Lifting Up" Traffic "From The Ground"

Printed documents and marketing collateral like flyers, brochures and even greeting cards now have the potential to play a truly magical role in driving high quality, high value traffic to your website in some very smart ways that will impress any sales man that has ever lived. It is all about synthesis. A great website does great things for your business. A powerful print campaign can serve as an on-the-ground army (see my post on the armed forces of marketing) of heralds for your website. 

Variable data printing capability is essential, along with high-end print and colour quality, to make the most of this synthesis. And the Kodak Nexpress Digital Color Production Press is perhaps the best of such machines to use to achieve it.

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