Saturday 20 January 2018

A Tesla Short

On my way to work this morning.....there she was......little red riding hood.
This is the first time I would see one parked. Roughly, 100 meters from where I currently live in El-Cerrito.

That red beauty, surrounded by those lifeless, grey metallic dinosaurs.

The Tesla #Model3

Quick Disclaimer:

I currently work for Tesla. But I must point out that I started my self-sustained advocacy for this amazing brand over 6 years ago, from far away Nigeria, where I lived until just a little over a year ago. 
In fact, now that I work for Tesla, and have been warned to be super careful about how I promote the brand online (social media and whatnot), I have become very tame about my online posts and articles mentioning the brand. Which makes me quite sad actually.   

Anyway, this post you are about to read is completely my opinion. Every thought that goes behind the issues I raise in here, entirely originates from me and it has nothing to do with my employer. 


When Tesla launched the Roadster in 2006, most of the world laughed at the little company from Silicon Valley, saying what could they possibly know about building cars.
Then the Model S came in 2012, and a few of them sat up and said, "hey wait a minute!" 
But many still continued to scoff and show contempt for things they are unable to comprehend.

Now, Model 3 has finally arrived amidst great panic and hysteria among the old guard.
They now know beyond a reasonable doubt that their time is fast running out.
In their panic and confusion, after failing to get government to help them crush their "tiny" nemesis, they resort to senseless bickering and prophesies of impending doom for Tesla.

They go around making announcements of their electric cars that will come out to "crush Tesla".

Ask them when are these wonderful Electric cars coming, and most of them will say 2020 or 2021.
Will these wonderful "Tesla killers" be any different from the Chevrolet Bolt? Or the BMW i3? Because those two did not kill anything but themselves! 

Yet, they somehow want us to believe that they can use the power of TALK to wipe Tesla off the face of the planet.
They think they can wave a magic wand and brag about their "years of experience" in car manufacturing. Or talk about expertise in stock markets and accounting, and that that would somehow make Tesla's growing fans suddenly stop liking the company. 

So my thinking is this:
If indeed GM and BMW have somehow figured out how to make their electric cars look better and go further than their Bolts and i3s, even then, I can argue that is is still NOT Tesla that needs to be worried.

It is their gasoline-locked Chevrolet Malibus and BMW 3 series that should be scared of these wonderful electric cars coming out, right?
Afterall, Teslas, GM elctric cars and BMWs, Porsches and Audi electric cars are ALL still ..... CARS! And so are their gasoline cars. They all literally do the same things! But some of them (the electric cars) are constantly getting OPTIMIZED, while others simply CAN NOT!  

But the funniest part is that these "experienced experts" keep forgetting that Tesla is a puppet-master in this story
The undeniable truth is that Tesla always wanted competition from the big car companies
They always needed these dinosaurs to get off their lazy butts and build great electric cars.
The mission is to get the world away from fossil fuels. 
Elon Musk knew that as long as there was no catalyst, the old car manufacturers would NOT lead any serious charge into clean transportation. 
He figured that if he would have to FORCE the richest automobile manufacturers to start doing the right thing.
I have proof. Read this blog post by Elon Musk in 2014:  

You see?
They have been begging for "competition". 
So next time you hear someone saying that other car manufacturers are coming to crush Tesla, please tell them Tesla DARES them!!!

Now, also check out this one going all the way back to 2006. See for yourself, what I mean by puppet master :
"...This is because the overarching purpose of Tesla Motors is to help expedite the move from a mine-and-burn hydrocarbon economy towards a solar electric economy, which I believe to be the primary, but not exclusive, sustainable solution." - Elon Musk

Quote me on this one:
While the so-called experienced car-makers are building $40,000 electric cars that look like $18,000 cars, Tesla is busy growing its street-cred by building a $35,000 that looks as cool as some $50,000 cars.

Who Is The Wiser?

Now pay attention to this detail that the "experts" will NEVER tell you. This truth that the giant car manufacturers and car distribution networks who prophesy the death for Tesla forgot about. Whether ignorantly or conveniently, I really don't know. 

It is probably the part that the enemies of Tesla ridicule the most. They scoffed at it even more than they had scoffed at the idea of a tiny Californian company building cars...

They scoffed at Tesla acquiring SolarCity......

But now, I ask YOU to pay attention:

When these new "great and awesome" electric BMWs and Audis and Chevrolets that are going to be built by the old guard come out to crush Tesla's business, what effect would that have on the world at large?

Would these new electric cars be bought by human beings who have neighbors and friends? Would these new electric car owners not eventually learn about their new EV cars and the possibilities that they open them up to? 

Would they not eventually discover that it now makes more economic sense for them to generate more-or-less carbon free "fuel" for their electric cars from home? 
Would that not cause them to take a second look at solar energy and realize that they can now get MUCH CHEAPER  ELECTRICITY from Solar and a Home Battery at no upfront costs. 

As this gradually but surely sinks into the minds and hearts of the population, the electric car explosion quickly leads to the renewable energy explosion (especially solar energy) and vise-versa.

And, guess what solar company was already a clear leader in the renewable energy market, and has now become even more potent as its branding has changed???

Can you guess? 

I'll give you a hint...... it is neither GM nor BMW.....

Keep it locked here. The future is truly going to be interesting.