Thursday, 16 October 2014

Blue Ocean Strategy For NDDC

THE Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has begun a series of workshops on blue ocean strategy formulation for its management staff in order to improve service delivery to people of the Niger Delta region.

I have to say this is a really impressive initiative, and I must commend the NDDC CEO, Mr Bassey Dan Abia for this strategic move. Read the the article in Guardian News.

Nevertheless, I can't immediately understand why the NDDC would need BOS for executing their projects, since Blue Ocean strategies are designed to help organizations that need to reconstruct their markets in order to escape competition. 

So I just wonder why NDDC leadership needs to learn reconstructive market strategies. I would expect this kind of move from companies like MTN and GTBank, who are constantly battling it out with rivals in their industry and turning their oceans (market spaces) red. 

Or could it be possible that Guardian Newpaper mistakenly printed Blue Ocean Strategy instead of Blue Ocean Leadership, which are related but significantly different?

Anyway... I guess the NDDC probably have their reasons why they opted for the BOS workshop. 
And in anycase, the truth is that Blue Ocean Strategy still offers a certain clear disciplined process of thinking, planning, research and analysis that is extremely useful in any kind of business planning process; not just in a reconstructionist instance.  

All in all, I believe this is great vision shown by the commission, but I sincerely hope that the training is carefully understood and imbibed by the attendants so that the entire region can benefit from the dividends of projects that have gone through the Value Innovation Process, ERRC, Strategy canvas (perhaps)...etc.
Being from Ondo State myself (a Niger Delta state), I hope my state's leadership would also tap into this progressive way of thinking in time to come.

The key ultimately is to have many Nigerian businesses and entrepreneurs thinking this way, not necessarily government parastatals. 

Tell me what you think?

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